Date: July 22nd 2011

WorldWorksGames Relaunch!
We’ve enhanced your WorldWorksGames visiting experience in several exciting ways! Robust catalog tools, personalized home areas, easy to use collections management, streamlined tutorial aids, a richer community experience and much more!
Sci-Fi Triple Feature!
You want sci-fi? We've got sci-fi! We start with Paul Senior's latest installment to the TerrainlinX Titan series, Streets of Titan, which finally brings futuristic streets to your gaming table. Adding to the sci-fi mayhem we have two new PropsMaster releases from Christopher Roe (of Ebbles Miniatures fame) who flies in his stealthy Interceptor and futuristic commuter the Veloce Brio!
TerraClips 2011 Revealed!
Take an exclusive look at our tangible terrain system TerraClips before its official launch this August! You'll find unboxing videos, construction videos, photos of the system in use and much more!

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