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Author:  Gamesmith Denny [ 11-23-2010, 01:24 PM ]
Post subject:  Jobs @ WWG: Programmers & Texture Artists

Hey gang,

As the years roll by WorldWorksGames faces an ever increasing problem; too much to do and not enough people to get it all done! 2011 promises to be our most prolific year to date for a number of important reasons and we'll need all hands on deck to help us accomplish many goals. Everyone behind the scenes is busy, busy, busy and we need more help!

What We Offer

WorldWorksGames commands a dominant, well established marketplace environment and audience unique to our industry. Working with WorldWorksGames is an organic, collaborative process in which your ideas are just as important as our own. We work with you to shape your vision into something which is marketable and we provide you with the opportunity to reach a large targeted audience with your ideas.

How We Pay

Your level of involvement has a direct correlation to the percentage you earn on each individual project. Your income is revolving. You always earn a percentage, twice a month, every single month of every year. The more products you are involved with the higher your average monthly earnings potentially become. What you put into the job is exactly what you'll get out of it.

Full or Part-time?

That depends entirely on how involved you choose to become. You may or may not have the available time or resources to weather full-time development. We have plenty for you to do but it ultimately lands on your shoulders in terms of what time you can afford to dedicate to things.

Who We Are Looking For

In a weird kind of paradox, we need people who are fiercely independent but whom play well with others. What we mean by that is that you must have exceptional levels of self-motivation, drive, vision and inspiration, coupled with an easy going, friendly and collaborative attitude. If you spend 12 hours a day in front of your computer, neglecting sleep, food and forsaking human contact, all in the noble quest of making wondrous visions a reality, then we're looking for you!

In other words; You will be working remotely while utilizing our private development server for daily production briefs (coupled with the occasional voice meet). If you have issues working long hours, with intense focus, completely unsupervised then this probably isn't the job for you.


We recommend that anyone applying has at least 3 years experience in related fields (as described below). Involvement with previously published works will add significantly to your cause.

Accreditation from University or College programs in related fields a distinct benefit.


WorldWorksGames is looking for experienced programmers, preferably with previous gaming related programming experience. We need help with projects which offer a wide variety of potential revenue streams for interested parties.

Must have experience with:

* JavaScript, C#, Python/Boo and .NET based working environments. Game programming and design a distinct asset.

* General JavaScript and PHP knowledge helpful.

Environmental Texture Artists

WorldWorksGames is looking for experienced environmental texture artists. Artists must exhibit a deep understanding of environmental design and detail work. Artists must have the ability to produce hyper-real art styles (blending real with graphic flair). An ability to create believable textures from scratch, to blend mediums/software to accomplish visual goals is vital. Experience with print, boardgame and or videogame related industries a benefit. Must have comparable drawing skills and fundamental understanding of thumbnail sketching, light & shadow, perspective, color compliments and proportion. Regular work composites are required during the course of development. Must have the ability to incorporate constructive criticism.

Must have experience with:

* A deep understanding of Photoshop & general filter usage (no less than 3 years software experience preferred).

* Secondary experience with 3D rendering tools an asset.

* Photographic skills a valuable asset.

How to Apply?

Interested applicants can apply to with subject “WWG JOBS”. Direct links to online portfolios preferred but we will accept archived selections of your best work. Please include or point to a complete resume of previous experience.

No forum based submissions please.

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