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PDF Download wwgcohII Fantasy N/A 28mm January 31, 2008
Designers:, Bob Cooper


Citizens of Himmelveil II - d20

"You'll want to watch your step in this part of town. The common folk can be so tiresome, with animals everywhere... and don't get me started about the beggars. The worst is the corpses... can't hardly go anywhere without tripping over the dead body of some poor soul..."

Citizens of Himmelveil II is here, and it's bigger than ever. Our previous paper miniature offerings have had 20 different models included... but this time, we've packaged over 40 into this standee mega-pack!

The lower classes of Himmelveil are detailed in art by Matthew Cuenca, and in words by Bob Cooper. Beggars, thieves, farmers, slaves, even street entertainers. Animals are included in this set... from the cats that roam the streets to the countless many chickens, pigs, and cows that find their way to Himmelveil, only to wind up on the dinner table. Finally, Citizens of Himmelveil includes a line of corpses... folk who, for one reason or another, have come to a bad end.

Every miniature in 'Citizens of Himmelveil' is highly detailed, full colour, and allows for two different basing options: a quick simple basing system or an advanced (more flexible) one. What's more, they are fully illustrated, front AND BACK.

D20 Stats & Backstories!

And there's more! Within, you will also find a fully detailed booklet containing full d20 statistics for each of them. What's more, you will also find detailed and unique character bios... their goals, their dreams, their motivations... a quote to help you get in character, and a hook to involve them with your adventuresome PCs. You'll find plenty of ideas and inspiration for your games there!

Adventure Included!

Want even more? A Sad Day in Himmelveil is a short adventure that hangs together many of the various, seemingly-unrelated plot hooks into a story of revenge most terrible, one that will make the streets of Himmelveil run with blood.

Citizens of Himmeiveil II - d20 includes the following:

  •     William Greylaund, Blind Beggar
  •     Adam Bernard, Crippled Beggar
  •     Ailvester Gatesdene, Leperous Beggar
  •     Isabella Ware, Hunched Old Lady Beggar
  •     Maud & Geoffrey Woderove, Beggar Mother and Son
  •     Idries Tahib, Fakir
  •     Alain Vaus, Juggler
  •     Robert the Blade, Sword-Swallower
  •     Aday Sely, Little Boy
  •     Nora Fulsham, Little Girl
  •     Estmar Cobb, Farmer
  •     Mildred Cobb, Old Farmer Widow
  •     Henri Schep, Dock Worker
  •     Eustace Beck, Enslaved Criminal
  •     Alice Fresfys, Bound Captive Woman
  •     Roger Torney, Old Prisoner
  •     Thomas Bronning, Guardsman
  •     Hugh Mulgas, Overzealous Guardsman
  •     Phillip Fulsham, Soldier
  •     David Perceval, Officer
  •     Chicken, Rooster, Duck and Cat
  •     Goat, Sheep, Pig and Dog
  •     Cow, Bull and Mule
  •     2 City Guardsman Corpses (All corpses have causes of death and what investigation might reveal)
  •     2 Soldier Corpses
  •     Commoner Woman Corpse
  •     Commoner Man Corpse
  •     Beggar Woman Corpse
  •     Child Corpse with Weeping Mother
  •     Noblewoman Corpse
  •     Nobleman Corpse
  • There's also booklet containing assembly instructions, full d20 statistics and character bios, a new magical item, and a master plot that interweaves the character hooks for many of these characters into a single storyline!
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