Get a sneak peek at the "Particlebow Frigate" and a taste of just how easy it is to build up your fleet for pennies a page! Follow along as Denny Unger takes you through a complete video tutorial, guiding you through the entire build process.

The Partiblebow Frigate is just one of 6 vessels coming your way from Wormhole. Each vessel is scaled to a unique size and format with a specific function within the fleet. All models have been designed for "ease of build" without compromising visual quality. Although some take longer to build than others they are all much faster to create than currently available standards (lead minis and painting).

Try out this demo model for yourself and see just how easy and revolutionary Wormhole is!


Complete Supplemental Play Guide Includes:

·  Learn the origins of the Sathrican civil conflict
·   2 full play scenarios:
·  “Rain of Stone” single player defensive combat.
·  “Separatist Betrayal” 2 player historical conflict.
·  Automated Defense Platform Characteristics
·  Asteroid Cluster Dynamics

Game Models and Play Materials :  Automated Defense Platform model, base, data cube, TOS and quick reference card.
·  Meteor Cluster damage and movement base, debris fields and quick reference card.