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PDF Download ffip Fantasy PropsMaster 28mm - 34mm February 6, 2012 7.0 mb
Designers: Tomas Mennes


Feisty Friar Inn Props

Every tavern needs a table. Every Inn needs a bed. Every Bar needs barrels with wine, beer and fine spirits. The Feisty Friar Inn Props bring you everything you will need to dress your Inn.

The Feisty Friar Inn Props include all of the following:

  • 5 French Wine barrels and 1 triple barrel
  • 5 Fantasy Meade barrels and 1 triple barrel
  • 5 Fine spirits and licquor barrels and 1 triple barrel
  • 4 different single beds with headboards and optional footboards
  • 4 different double beds with headboards, including a "William Wallace" version
  • 12 unique chairs
  • 12 unique bar stools
  • A licquor cabinet
  • A cupboard
  • 3 different desks
  • 6 different closets
  • 6 different chests
  • 3 different high chairs
  • 12 different small tables
  • 2 different banquet tables

And of course, full robo-cutter support and fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the building process.

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Product Line

Looking for that extra special bit of set dressing to decorate your layout? Cruising the apocalyptic roads of warzone...whatever? PropsMaster is here to fill out all those special tabletop terrain needs! Furniture, genre specific mini-props, vehicles of all shapes and sizes, its all here!

  • Print, Build, Play! PDF download.
  • Various build modes
  • 28mm to 32mm scale props and vehicles

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$4.88 USD

Save 25%!

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