How to purchase

Catalog Browsing

Purchasing products from the WorldWorksGames storefront is easy and intuitive. Start browsing our catalog by mousing over and clicking any category from our “Explore Catalog” drop-down window at the top of your screen. Or click the Explore Catalog button for a complete all-in-one listing of all available products and product lines.

From the General Catalog sidebar, you can filter products by Category, Genre and Product line. Clicking individual Product Line buttons offers a brief description of what each line has to offer and displays only the products within that individual product line. These items can be additionally filtered by genre.

Clicking on an individual product will spawn a distinct product page showing product images, details, recommended products, associated kitbash/freebie files and customer reviews.

Product Purchasing

  • Once you've chosen your desired product simply click the “add to cart” button listed both on the right hand navigation bar or at the bottom of the product description.
  • You will then be taken to the “Shopping Cart” screen where you can review your basic order, update or empty your cart, keep shopping or Checkout.
  • Once you've selected Checkout you will be asked to confirm your order details.
  • Selecting “Pay for Your Order” will take you to PayPal for payment processing services. You will have the option to pay via credit card or use an existing Paypal account.
  • Once payment is validated you will be returned to the WorldWorksGames storefront and your purchase will accessible within your “My Home” area.


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