Downloads FAQ

WorldWorksGames Digital "Print, Build, Play!" Products

Most products within the WorldWorksGames store are available via digital files ONLY (download, print, build, PLAY!). Physical or tangible products are clearly marked as such within the product purchase options and Product Line descriptions.


What's in a Download?

  • Each digital product within our catalog comes to you in a compressed format known as ZIP compression. Once downloaded you will need to unZIP the compressed file to view its contents.
  • Within your ZIP file download you'll find a well organized series of highly detailed textured modelset pages and instructions in PDF format.

  • You can then view and print the product using a free program known as Adobe Acrobat Reader . Documents converted to PDF format are easily compressed without a large loss in quality and can be seen and printed by users on a large variety of computer platform types.
  • Once printed you can go through the satisfying process of building your product!

Where is My Download?

After purchase, your downloads can be found in the "My Home" area at the top of the webstore screen. Listed under the right hand "Store Account" you will find your specific purchases listed graphically, within My Collections, My Kitbashes and or My Freebies.

Download Resets / Replacing lost downloads

You are allotted a specific number of download opportunities upon purchase within your "My Home", "My Collection area". Back it up! Back it up! Back it up! Please back up your purchase to CD-ROM or another removable storage medium and store it in a safe place immediately after purchase. If you've experienced a recent hardware failure or you did not back up your purchase via another medium, we can verify your purchase information and determine if an additional download opportunity is warranted.

IMPORTANT: it is vital that you safeguard your limited download opportunites at all cost! Your unique IP and personal info is stored in our database to prevent sharing abuses. If abuse is suspected WorldWorksGames reserves the right to suspend your account indefinitly. WorldWorksGames is not obligated to provide indefinite download storage for your purchases so please ensure you've safely backed up your investment.

Once all available downloads have been used, you may request an additional downloads by selecting the "Request New Download" button below your chosen item. We will then review your account and provide additional downloads if the request is warranted.