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PDF Download wwgdftp Western / Victorian Swift Scenics 1", 1.5", No Grid September 29, 2012 39 MB
Designers: Matthew Lyon


WorldWorksGames's SwiftScenics product line turns down a whole new alley with Deadfall: Tumbleweed Pass!

Think outside the box with the introduction of peaked walls and roofs, allowing you to build complete, standard style homes in just minutes! Choose between short roofs and overhanging roofs and connect them with additional roof ends and true corner roofs!

Build any type or configuration of building in either 6"x6", 3"x3" or 6"x3" segments and stack up to any height! Add functional balconies or decorative awnings, corner caps, store fronts and chimneys!

Use the optional foamcore mounts provided to make permanent structures, or just build the basics and when you're done for the day, take it all apart and store it FLAT!

Saddle up, pilgrim, and start filling out that western townscape with Deadfall: Tumbleweed Pass!

Deadfall: Tumbleweed Pass includes:

  • 8 6" one-story peaked walls
  • 4 6" two-story peaked walls
  • 5 6" two-story walls
  • 6" Wall toppers
  • 8 3" one-story peaked walls
  • 6 3" two-story peaked walls
  • 8 3" two-story walls
  • 3" Wall toppers
  • 3"x3" peaked roofs with and without overhang
  • 3"x3" roof ends and corner roofs
  • 3"x6" peaked roofs with and without overhang
  • 6"x6" peaked roofs with and without overhang
  • 6"x6" roof ends and corner roofs
  • 6"x3" peaked roofs with and without overhang
  • 3"x3" flat roofs with internal supports
  • 3"x6" flat roofs with internal supports
  • 6"x6" flat roofs with internal supports
  • 3"x3" optional foamcore mounts
  • 3"x6" optional foamcore mounts
  • 6"x6" optional foamcore mounts
  • 5 optional decorative store fronts
  • 5 optional decorative blank fronts
  • Balconies
  • Awnings
  • Corner Caps
  • Chimneys

Plus, full robo-cutter support and fully illustrated instructions to guide you through the building process!

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Product Line

SwiftScenics allows gamers to quickly "Print, Build, Play!" a variety of simple exterior structures to fill large sections of their game table in a very short time. Structures in the SwiftScenics line are VERY quick to build and some even collapse flat for storage or can be permanently mounted for static builds.

For a complete breakdown and dimensions please view the overview here.

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