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PDF Download wwgtoc Universal N/A N/A October 9, 2006
Designers: Paul Senior


Tower of CHAOS

The Tower of Chaos is an innovative, whimsical and fun dice rolling machine from WorldWorks Games. Halt forever the tragedies of lost dice, miniatures bowling and terrain jostling as you watch the dice tumble through the mechanism and into the lower tray. The suspense mounts as this randomizing menace spits out your dice onto the glaring eye of chaos! The exterior graphics make a dandy evil temple too!! Easy to build, fun to use and inexpensive, add the Power of the Tower to your next game session.

PDF Download $3.50 USD

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David Brown said:

If you’re like me, you’ve been looking for a decent dice tower for some time. There are commercially available ones but the cheap ones look plain or the good looking ones are expensive. Another option that a friend of mine uses are Legos. Of course he has kids and lots of those little bricks lying around.

Well, our wait is over. With the release of the Tower of CHAOS, we no longer have to deal with run away dice or the dreaded polyhedral tornado across carefully laid out battle boards (my Barbarian was in this square, right? Or was it this one?). We now have an economical option available that just plain looks “kewl”.

Construction is quick, sturdy, and pretty much straight-forward. I read through the instructions, printed the sheets, cut, folded, edged, glued, then reread the instructions to make sure I didn’t miss anything and had a completed tower in about 4 hours.

Things I appreciated:
- The oversized glue tabs in stress bearing areas.
- The sandwiched tabs in the coral (really strengthens the area).
- The extended tick marks for the fold lines (I usually try to score the pieces before cutting out and this really helps to see those fold lines).
- The overprinting of the pattern at the fold lines (allows some leeway so that things don’t have to line up perfectly and still look good).

Things I’m lukewarm about:
- The coral could be bigger in my opinion but this beats dealing with stampeding dice by a long shot.

In summary, this amazing piece of architecture is sure to get lots of use and abuse at my gaming tables.


Review Posted: May 24, 2006

Viewing results 6-6 of 6
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$3.50 USD