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PDF Download wwghw3 Sci Fi The Vault 1", 1.5" March 17, 2008 31.4mb
Designers: Matthew Lyon


Celestus Pravatis: HellWorks III

The pride of Nibiru Astrometrics, the science vessel Celestus mysteriously vanished during the fourth test of the experimental Infinity drive system. Five years later, she returned, intact but devoid of human life signs.

A scout pod was dispatched to investigate. The initial appraisal proved disturbing...Celestus was back, all right, but she'd come back... WRONG. Somehow metal had bonded with flesh, forming unspeakable amalgams of sinew and circuits, pipes and organs, bone and steel...becoming madness incarnate.


Hellworks 3: Celestus Pravatis gives you the tools you need to build just about any space vessel or structure you can imagine! Using WorldWorks Games's "footprint" system, you can combine rooms and halls in any way to suit your gaming needs!

Two sets in one!

Celestus Pravatis not only lets you build whatever you want, it gives you the choice of two flavours: standard and corrupted. Build neat and clean space going vessels that would be the pride of any captain, or build hideously warped ships of steel and flesh, crawling with eyes, organs and tendrils! Or combine the two for a ship or space station that's being gradually consumed by the hellish forces from beyond!


Celestus Pravatis gives builders even more options by offering 1.5" format floor tiles, and even includes built-in compatibility with First Light and ShadowCore Prime!

Hellworks 3: Celestus Pravatis includes each of the following in both standard and corrupted formats:

  • 3 floor options in 1" and 1.5" format
  • 5 different roof types
  • 12 3" walls
  • 12 6" walls
  • 3 doors
  • 3" and 6" angled "slices"
  • 3" and 6" "wedges"
  • 3D and 2.5D communications array
  • 3D 3" and 6" windows
  • Gun Turrets
  • Service Pod
  • Ladders
  • Stairs
  • Landing Gear
  • External thrusters
  • Elevated Bridge extension
  • Name and Number plates
  • Bridge control console
  • Computer consoles with optional side controls
  • Basic and Extended computer monitors
  • Chairs
  • Beds
  • Automated Medical System
  • Plasma Core Engines
  • Tendrils and Tentacles

And as always, Celestus Pravatis includes fully photographed, step-by-step instructions and a Sample Guide to help you out if you're stuck for ideas!

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Product Line

Semi-retirement WorldWorksGames Style

The Vault is a special archive of our "Print, Build, Play!" products, circa 2002 upward, which utliize systems and standards developed prior to the introduction of TerrainlinX and other systems 2009 onward. Perfectly useable in their original format and an open archive of our continued terrain evolution.

Click here for more detailed descriptions of the systems used in these products.

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Gideon Money said:

Very versatile set! I am currently rocking an outstanding M. Falcon, and a passable Ebon Hawk.

Not to mention a flood infested transport!


Review Posted: August 27, 2011

Michael D said:

Now this is one great set. Warning: larger shelves needed.

I'm in the middle of building a small, armed space trader (using the non-horror version of pieces) with my 9 year old son and this is coming along great. The set contains everything we need (and more) and is eminently configurable.

We knocked up a crude layout for the ship and started by building the cockpit. My son's cutting out the pieces adn help with the construction while I'm doing all teh fiddly bits. In just a couple of short sessions we've built the cockpit, including glazed windows and sliding doors and have most of the engine room and tail of the ship constructed.

The results look great, and the modularity of the set has made it really easy to put it all together. The biggest problem we've had so far is realizing we don't have a shelf big enough to hold the end product. So we've cut back the scope of our design - which has proved remarkably easy to do with this set, and will probably end up hanging the result from my son's ceiling. (Future plans after this ship are some 6" square modules that can be added and interchanged to give different ship configurations.)

Only one niggle so far: the set is designed for 3" wide corridors, which is too large for many designs. This causes problems a) with doors, which are too wide for 1" corridors and are not aligned properly for terminating 2" corridors, and b) the corridor textures have have great looking edging, one side of which gets lost when cut to 2" resulting in an imbalanced look.

Pros: Everything needed to put together a detailed space ship in horror and non-horror versions. Excellent modularity

Cons: 3" corridors are just too wide for many designs.

My rating (out of 5):
Usefulness: 5 - very modular set for building space ships for gaming scenarios
Looks: 5 -
Construction: 5 - simple, fast and very effective; easy incorporation of transparencies for windows and view ports where desired.
Extensibility: 5- - This set is modularity plus. Looks like it can incorporate material from the two Firstlight sets, but I haven't tried that yet so can't be certain. An extension set would be very welcome, but I'm not entirely sure what to add - probably more exterior options and better support for multilevel ships.

Overall: 5 - a really flexible, easy and rewarding set.


Review Posted: July 2, 2009

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