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Name: Shadegate Gender: Male Location: Plymouth, UK
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Interests: Fantasy, Sci-fi, WW2, Napoleonic (Peninsular Campaign) 0 Gauge Railway Modelling (GWR), Landrover off-roading
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A 40 something gamer. I started out with Dungeons and Dragons, Runequest and MERP/Rolemaster before the lure of tabletop gaming took over. Now it's warhammer (both flavours) GW Lord of the rings, Dystopian Wars, Warmachine/Hordes to name but a few. I'm a rulebook junkie, I may never play a system but I often can't resist the rulebook anyway. Especially if it's one of the more modern eye-candy books.
Recently I've gone back to a bit of D&D and I'm keen to try Pathfinder.
I like the Knights of the Dinner Table comic book and their Hackmaster system might get too tempting as well.

More goodies coming soon!