Kitbash Releases
Oct 24 2012

October 2012 Kitbash Releases

The October 2012 kitbash roundup is here!

Hinterland Forests-Dead Ends

Himmelveil Gardens

Himmelveil Canals-Extra Halls

The Garden-3D Waterfall

Himmelveil Canals-Anchored Tiles

Product Release
Oct 01 2012

Deadfall: Tumbleweed Pass Released!

WorldWorksGames's SwiftScenics product line turns down a whole new alley with Deadfall: Tumbleweed Pass!

Think outside the box with the introduction of peaked walls and roofs, allowing you to build complete, standard style homes in just minutes! Choose between short roofs and overhanging roofs and connect them with additional roof ends and true corner roofs!

Build any type or configuration of building in either 6"x6", 3"x3" or 6"x3" segments and stack up to any height! Add functional balconies or decorative awnings, corner caps, store fronts and chimneys!

Use the optional foamcore mounts provided to make permanent structures, or just build the basics and when you're done for the day, take it all apart and store it FLAT!

Saddle up, pilgrim, and start filling out that western townscape with Deadfall: Tumbleweed Pass!

Terraclips release
Aug 29 2012

DungeonRise Available NOW!!!

The worlds most complete tabletop dungeon is available NOW!!!

TerrainlinX Release
Jul 09 2012

DeadFall: Building Essentials GOLD!!!

Breathe some life into those Streets of Blood with Deadfall: Building Essentials! Create generic western buildings in the TerrainlinX format using a wide variety of floors, walls and roof shapes! Add beds, tables, chairs and cabinets to give it a lived in feel! Come on in! We've got a dusty corner for you to hang your hat!

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