Jan 08 2012

2012 Project Poll. You Decide!

With 2012 upon us WorldWorksGames asks you; What would you like to see next? You tell us what gets your terrain heart racing and we'll make it happen! Enter the poll right here...

TerraClips News
Jan 06 2012

TerraClips Back in Stock!

A great start to the new year, Terraclips are back in stock! Pre-orders have been sent on their way to distributors and your favorite local gaming stores should have them on hand shortly.

Software Patch
Jan 06 2012

TLX Planner Patch/Update

Based on your feedback, additional enhancements, patches and a few minor bug fixes are implemented on the recently updated TLX model planner. Check out the details here and if you've already purchased the planner you can grab a fresh copy from your "My Collection" area.

TerraClips News
Dec 29 2011

TerraClips Restock!

Following the whirlwind sellout of the first run of TerraClips, a fresh shipment finally arrives at the Wyrd warehouse on January 2nd!

North American retailers with standing orders (if you haven't ordered yet, you should probably do so now to avoid the rush!) should see a restock by mid-month, with overseas retailers seeing a restock by the end of January.

SwiftScenics Release
Dec 16 2011

Mayhem Downtown!

Matt Lyon has reinvented the Mayhem Downtown offerings with 5 new building releases (Greystone, Abandoned, Office Blocks, City Scraper and Stucco Flats), in SwiftScenics fold-flat format!

Features new format options including the option to build structures of different heights, slot-in horizontal and vertical signage, paste-on doors, and more.

Get 'em here!

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