Sep 26 2011

Forum update completed

We have completed the forum upgrade, and it is now back online. Thanks again for your patience!

TerrainLinx Release
Sep 19 2011

Mayhem Services Released!

Matt Lyon's quest to convert the Mayhem setting to TerrainLinx format continues with Mayhem Services, which brings you 3 different gas stations, a basketball court, grass and transitional tiles, and modular chain link fencing!

Pull up to the pumps here:

Mayhem Services

Game Aid Release
Sep 02 2011

Roll Arena Released!

Denny Unger and Christopher Roe have combined their talents to create the game aid you never knew you needed: the Roll Arena. With swappable arena inserts, editable system cards, and convenient compartments to store cards and dice, rolling dice will never be the same again. No more crawling under tables to fetch wayward dice!

Get it here!

SwiftScenics/PropsMaster Release
Aug 15 2011

Podtel 6 and DMC-Northstar HL 300 released!

Two new SwiftScenics and PropsMaster sets are here!

Podtel 6 brings you a new SwiftScenics structure, a seedy capsule motel from the future.

The DMC-Northstar HL 300 sedan rounds out our growing fleet of science fiction vehicles. Taxicab, police car, luxury car, rental car, this model does it all!

Grab 'em here:

DMC-Northstar HL 300
Podtel 6

PropsMaster Release
Aug 08 2011

Mayhem Traffic Drives Into Town!

Mayhem Traffic crams your table with enough modern vehicles to make LA rush hour look like a sunday drive! Fully robocutter compatible, revised and expanded.

Get it now!

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