Software Update
Dec 16 2011

Massive TLX Planner Update!

Thanks to additional contributions from programming wiz Alexandre Moreau (Akmor on the forums), we've made sweeping upgrades to our TerrainlinX Planner software! Version 1.5 is now available. See what's new here!

Holiday Sale
Dec 02 2011

12 Days of WWG Christmas!

Christmas is almost upon us (can you believe it?!) and what better way to celebrate than to fill your virtual stocking up with WWG goodness. From December 2nd to the 13th all WWG PDF catalog items are slashed by 25%! (excluding new releases for December). So what are you waiting for? Get shopping today!

General Suffering
Nov 27 2011

Site Back Up!

Had some poorly  timed server issues this weekend. We've since resolved things with our host. Hope your weekend was full of family fun!

Nov 16 2011

Denny Unger Talks With Chronicles Podcast

Our friends at Chronicles: Pathfinder Podcast sat down with Denny Unger to discuss WorldWorksGames, TerrainlinX and TerraClips products recently. Have a listen and enjoy the show right here!

SwiftScenics Release
Oct 01 2011

NECROBLOCK: Chronometer Released!

Denny Unger brings us another set in the genre-bending NECROBLOCK line: the Chronometer clock tower!

Attach it to the top of your existing NECROBLOCK structures, or turn it into a functional dice tower with the included insert components. Scenery and a game aid for the price of one!

Get it here:

NECROBLOCK: Chronometer

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